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Mon. May 26th 2014
Happy Memorial Day

First of all Happy Memorial Day. Thank You to all of those who have served and are currently serving to keep this country fre...

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Sun. May 25th 2014
Sunday Afternoon at the Carnival

Today's Forecast Sunny with a High of 78. Sounds like perfect weather for an afternoon at the Boalsburg Fire Company Carn...

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Sat. May 24th 2014
Sturdays Parade and Carnival Information

So it's Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. Where is the place to be? The Boalsburg Fire Company Parade of course. The Annu...

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Engine 311

2009 Pierce / Velocity

6 Man Cab
750 Gallon Tank
Waterous 1750 gpm. Pump with a Husky Foam System
1,600 ft. of 5" Supply Line
200 ft. 3" Pre- Connect with Blitz Fire
200 ft. 3 in. Pre-Connect Leader Line with Water Thief
2- 200ft. 1 3/4 in. Cross Lays
1 - 200ft. 2 1/2 in. Pre-Connect
1 - 100 ft. 2 1/2 in. Dead
100 ft. 1 3/4 in. Front Bumper Trash Line
2 - High Rise Packs with 150 ft. of 1 3/4 in. Line
Holmatro Portable Pump with Combination Rescue Tool
Cutters Edge Vent Saw
Thermal Imaging Camera, Carbon Monoxide Meter
6 - Scott Air Packs with 6 Spare Cylinders
Scott Pack Tracker
Dewalt Sawzall
RIT Pack
Electric PPV Fan, Gas PPV Fan
24 ft. Extension Ladder, 14 ft. Roof Ladder, Attic Ladder
12 ft. Pike Pole, 6 ft. Pike Pole, LA Trash Hook, 2 - OV Hooks, Drywall Hook
Officers Hook, Closet Hook, Irons, Crow Bar, Sledge Hammer, Shovels - Flat and Spade
2 - 12 ft. and 2 - 10 ft. 6 in. Diameter Hard Bars
Honda 1000 Watt Generator / Light
2 - Pressurized Water Extinguishers, 1 - Dry Chemical Extinguisher
Snuffer, Roof Chimney Kit, Interior Flue Fire Kit
Haz-Mat Pads and Pigs
2 - 500 Watt Work Lights, 2 - 50 ft. Extension Cords
Whelen LED Light Package

Tanker 319

2006 KME / International

Two Man Cab
Hale Pump
2,500 Gallon Tank
Whelen LED Light Package
1,000 ft. 5in. Supply Line
200ft.- 3in. Pre-connect
100' - 1" Preconnect
2 - 1 3/4" 200 ft. Pre-connected Crosslays
2 - 5" Hard Bars
2 - 3" Hard Bars
2,500 Gallon Drop Tank
2 - Scott SCBA
2 - Streamlight Vulcan Flashlights
3" and 5" Barrel Strainers, Low Level Strainer
Portable Trash Pump
Pick Head Axe, Flat Head Axe, Haligan Bar, Spade Shovel, 4 - Forestry Rakes
4 - Bladder Bags, Pressurized Water Extinguisher
Stihl Chainsaw, Stihl Backpack Leaf Blower
LA Trash Hook

Brush 325

2005 Ford / F-350

Seating for 5
150 Gallon Poly Tank
225 psi Pressure Pump
Front Bumper Mounted 15,000 lb. Super Winch
Whelen LED Light Package
Power Call Siren
2000 ft. 3/8 in. Pencil Line
100 ft. 1 in. Forestry Line
2 - Stihl Back Pack leaf Blowers
2 - Stihl Chain Saws
1 Drip Torch
4 - Bladder Bags
Forestry Rakes, Sledge Hammer, Hack Saw, Swedish Axe, Pulaskis

Fire Police 336

2003 Chevrolet

336 is used for Traffic Control during incidents and public service events. This unit started out its service with the Alpha Fire Company and was purchased by Company 3 in 2010. 336 features a roof mounted Light Tower, LED Emergency Lighting, an Arrow Stick and Seating for 5 personnel. 336 carries the following equipment.
Honda 2000 watt Generator/ Light Unit
Multiple Collapsible Traffic Signs
Traffic Cones, Flares
Safety Vests and Helmets

Rescue 318

1997 E-One / Cyclone

Rescue 318 is our First Due Piece on Vehicle Accidents, Specialized Rescues and Search Details, 318 features an 8 Man Cab, Whelen Strobe Light Package, Front Bumper Mounted 12,000 lb. Ramsey Winch, 2,000 Watt Light Tower, 4 - 500 Watt Scene Lights 2 Mounted on each side, Fire Com Headsets, Honda 5,000 Watt Generator, 7 - Motorola MTS 2,000 Portables, 2 - 200 ft. Pre-connected Electrical Cords, 150 ft. Air Line, 12,000 Oil Dry Bin, 4 - Cylinder Cascade System, 6 - Scott Air Packs
Rescue 318 carries the following tools. Holmatro Rescue Tools with Pre Connected Cutters and Spreaders. Also Rams, Peddle Cutter, Combi Tool, Holmatro Securnet, Portable Hydraulic Pump, Junk Yard Dog Rescue Strut System, 2 - Glasmaster Windshield Saws, Cribbing, AED, 2 - Medical Jump Kits, 4:1 Haul System, Life Lines, Utility Ropes, Flares, Dewalt Portable power tool Kit including a Circular Saw, Drill, and Flash Light, 2 - Dewalt Battery Powered Sawzalls, 1- Corded Dewalt Sawzall, Tarps, 5 - Back Boards, Stokes Basket, 6', 8' and 10' Pike Poles, Drywall Hook, Trash Hook, Scoop Stretcher, 16' Extension Ladder, A-Frame Ladder, Folding Attic Ladder, Pry-Bars, 2-Brooms, Scoop Shovel, 2-Spade Shovels, !-Flat Shovel, Traffic Cones, 2-High Lift Jacks, 2-Crow Bars, Pick Head xe, Flat Head Axe, Haligan Bar, 36" and 24" Bolt Cutters, Cable Cutters, Debris Can, Haz-mat Pads and Pigs, 3-Tyvek Suits, 2-Portable Pedestal Lights, 10-Spare SCBA Cylinders, Stihl Rotary Saw, Paratech Air Gun 40, Air Chisel, 10-Air Hoses, Air Manifold, Cut Off Wheel, 6-Bag Air Lifting Bag System, Electric Ventilation Fan, 3-Fire Extinguishers- Pressurized Water, Halon, and Nitrogen, 5-Electrical Cords, 2-500 Watt portable Lights, 5-Streamlight Vulcan Hand Lights, MSA Orion Multi Gas Meter, Binoculars

Engine 310

1993 Pierce / Dash

6 Man Cab
Waterous 1250gpm. Pump with a Foam Pro Foam System
750 Gal. Tank

Utility 322

1987 Ford F-250

Ramsey Winch
Seating for 3
3-Bed Mounted Tools Boxs


Recent Calls

Mon. Apr 21st 2014
Box 403 Potter Twp. 200 Tusseysink Rd. Wildfire 3:10 pm.

Brush 325 and Tanker 319 responded to the scene. Upon arrival 325 stretched a line to start a wet line and extinguish the fir...

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Sun. Apr 20th 2014
Box 1505 Worth Twp. Sunnyside Hollow Rd. Wildfire Brush 325 Due

Brush 325 Responded with a crew of 5. Upon arrival 325's crew assisted with making a line around the burned area. Once a ...

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Sun. Apr 20th 2014
Huntingdon County, Jackson Twp. 3214 McAlevy's Fort Rd. Wildfire 1:04 pm.

Brush 325 Due canceled while enroute to the scene.

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Upcoming Events

Every 1st Tuesday
Vehicle Maint.

Every 2nd Tuesday
Monthly Meeting

Tue. Jul 22nd 2014
Training - Cribbing for Vehicle Rescue

Fri. Jul 25th 2014
First Responders Night at the State College Spikes

Tue. Jul 29th 2014
Training - Live Fire Evolutions on the Gas Props

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